About Us

We Karunarathna Traders (Pvt.) Ltd. presently engaging in supply of all food items to the Government Armed Forces and Prisons since 1999. We have good experience in handling all supplies to these institutions and we are fully equipped and in possession of every infrastructure needed for our supply chain with adequate Cold Rooms, Freezer Trucks, Storage Facilities, Fleet of Vehicles and set of experienced staff to streamline and execute the operations without a hassle.

We also have rented out company owned buildings and apartments to the commercial sector.

Our Main Clients

  • Sri Lanka Army
  • Sri Lanka Air Force
  • Sri Lanka Navy
  • Department of Prisons

Our Board of Directors

Chairman/Managing Director: Mr. N.W.A.U.P. KARUNARATHNA

Director: Mrs. D.L.S.D.Chandani